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17 September 2014

INsider Questions: EVP of Media at Matomy Media, Assaf Suprasky

In our series of articles titled INsider Questions, we have sought some of the industry’s top figureheads to see what they think advertisers should be asking performance marketers to eke more out of their campaigns.

Each feature will cover a different topic and for today’s piece, Assaf Suprasky, executive vice president media at Matomy Media, has provided what he feels are the most important questions in regards to quality and quantity in performance marketing.

Do marketers really need to choose between quality and quantity when it comes to their lead sources?

We believe that quality and quantity are not mutually exclusive. There is a wide spectrum between quality and quantity, but the mid-range is so wide that one should not choose one at the expense of the other. Rather, it is a matter of scaling up the sources that bring quality and quantity together. The right performance media partner will help advertisers find the sweet spot between quality and quantity, which will ensure the advertiser’s campaign acquires a large enough base of quality users or customers to make it profitable for the client.

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