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21 May 2015

The Next Digital Battleground: Inbound Call Marketing

It’s never been easier to get a high volume of inbound leads. Mobile has breathed new life into direct response marketing. The proliferation of the use of click-to-call buttons on mobile lead-gen campaigns means a prospect can turn into a new customer in a matter of seconds.

But is there a downfall to all of those inbound leads? Are marketers making it too easy for customers and prospects to reach their sales teams?

The explosion of mobile devices has created an unintended problem: it’s become too easy, in some cases, for consumers to inbound dial a company from their ubiquitous mobile devices, regardless of whether they have any intention of buying a company’s products or services. This wastes time and money for the company, and contributes to consumer frustration over what they perceive as irrelevant ads.

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