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04 April 2014

3 Benefits of a Multichannel Approach to Direct Marketing

Choice is a beautiful thing — especially when it pertains to the plethora of options direct and digital marketers now have at their fingertips. From email and search to mobile, social and video, never before have marketers had so many digital advertising options available to them.

All of this choice may be frustrating to some marketers. It can be difficult to keep track of all of these new media channels. Knowing whether you should be investing your ad dollars in Snapchat, Vine, or one of the hundreds of other digital platforms is a seemingly never-ending concern—but it doesn't have to keep you awake at night.

There's a simple solution to ensuring your brand is in a position to take advantage of the latest consumer marketing trends while realizing maximum performance and value: multichannel marketing. Matomy Media Group is a global digital performance-based marketing company. Working across Web, social media and mobile platforms, Matomy Media Group offers advertisers, networks and publishers a range of opportunities integrated through one gateway, including an award-winning affiliate network, display ad network, mobile advertising solutions, email marketing, search and social marketing, video and virtual currency platforms.

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