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04 April 2014

How to Improve Direct Response Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising has undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years. What was once primarily an engagement and affinity-based platform for advertisers, has been transformed into a hybrid of branding, plus highly targeted direct-response ad solutions that offer real performance opportunities for all types of advertisers. One group that can particularly benefit from the new generation of Facebook ad solution is direct-response marketers.

At one time direct-response advertisers may have felt left out of the Facebook ad game. Early in Facebook’s ad history large CPG brands seemed to dominate much of the industry and media conversation around Facebook advertising. That’s no longer the case.
Now, Facebook has made an earnest effort to introduce sophisticated ad targeting solutions that appeal directly to direct-response advertisers.

The question remains though, are direct-response advertisers ready to take advantage of Facebook’s new performance-based ad solutions? Here are three strategies marketers can use to improve performance when using Facebook for a direct-response ad campaign.

Read the full article at PerformanceIn.

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