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18 February 2016

Matomy Media Group Introduces MobFox Autopilot, Empowering App Publishers with Free Mediation Optimization

MobFox Autopilot Maximizes Demand and Ensures Efficient and Transparent Delivery

(Tel Aviv, Israel, February, 18th 2016) – Leading programmatic performance company Matomy Media Group, announced today the launch of MobFox Autopilot. Matomy’s MobFox, a top-ten mobile advertising platform worldwide, now offers app publishers a free demand mediation tool to optimize revenue and reduce inefficiencies when managing media campaigns among multiple DSPs and ad-networks.

“Matomy’s MobFox is proud to introduce a system that for the first time automates this labor intensive task while increasing revenues and decreasing inefficiencies – at no extra charge," said Michael Ionita-Ganea, Director of Technology at MobFox. "We built this product with one main goal in mind, to give publishers a smarter way to manage their traffic.”

MobFox Autopilot from Matomy helps publishers manage their demand sources across all major exchanges and networks. Developed using proprietary technology, the smart algorithm pulls reports, automatically adjusts traffic allocation and waterfall rates accordingly, streamlining each and every campaign. The platform will initially support banners and interstitials with video, native and rich media to come. MobFox Autopilot is free to all registered developers and publishers.

Matomy’s MobFox works with over 300 active advertisers and 40,000-plus registered publishers, as well as leading mobile advertising companies. Including demand- and supply-side-platforms (DSP and SSP) and a single gateway for mobile, video and native ad inventory management via a real-time bidding (RTB) marketplace.

“Publishers spend most of their days evaluating various servers and dashboards in order to increase their revenue” said Noam Neumann, Head of Mobile Strategy at Matomy. “They are tasked with balancing between exchanges, countries, demographics, hours of the day, placements, and ad formats, all in hopes that they will achieve the best revenue potential.  This can take up the majority of an individual if not a full team’s day. The industry is ripe for a solution, and Autopilot is just that. Our goal is to see publishers get the most out of their hard earned mobile ad inventory.”

Matomy Media Group acquired MobFox in 2014 as part of a wider strategy to constantly strengthen and expand Matomy’s capabilities in mobile and programmatic advertising solutions. MobFox has a proven track record of providing clients and media partners with access to innovative mobile programmatic advertising solutions, including demand-and-supply-side platforms (DSP and SSP) and a single gateway for mobile, video and native ad inventory management via a real-time bidding (RTB) marketplace. They also offer easy integration to open source SDK’s for iOS and Android and provide a rich creative service.

“We are perfectly positioned to respond to the astounding growth of mobile and the growing stress on mobile developers and publishers to manage their monetization solutions,” said Sagi Niri, COO of Matomy. "Pioneering new ways to support publishers and enable their performance optimization is our life-force and MobFox immensely strengthened our mobile programmatic engine and inventory management.  Another valuable outcome of our recent acquisitions of both MobFox and Optimatic is the mobile video capabilities we can now offer our clients and enable us to accomplish our ultimate goal – helping publishers reach theirs. The Optimatic acquisition is important to Mobfox publishers as it brings a unique proprietary video platform that enables top-tier publishers to manage their inventory programmatically and a full suite of digital video Supply Side Platform capabilities built on cutting-edge technology.”

About Matomy Media Group 
Matomy Media Group Ltd. (LSE:MTMY) is one of the world's leading digital performance-based advertising companies, delivering results with advanced programmatic proprietary technologies including ad exchanges, SSPs and DSPs in mobile, video, domain monetization and email marketing.  Matomy provides a single gateway to all digital media channels, and combines internal media capabilities, big data analytics and advanced optimization technology to ensure quality leads and sales for its advertising clients and maximum monetization for its media partners. The media channels include mobile, videodisplay, social, email marketingsearch marketing (SEM, SEO, and ASO) and domain monetization.

Matomy’s MobFox is the top open mobile advertising platform, helping publishers get the most from their mobile ad inventory. Mobfox offers a single gateway for Real-Time Bidding (RTB), worldwide direct sales and in-house advertising revenue. The fully-transparent platform, used by over 40,000 iOS and Android apps as a monetization solution, provides comprehensive support for multiple advertising formats including banner, interstitial, video and native. Founded in 2010, the company has offices in London, San Francisco and Vienna. In 2014, Matomy Media Group acquired the Mobfox business and technology. For more information see

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