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10 August 2016

MobFox Mobile Advertising Platform Implements Pixalate’s Real-Time Protection to Ensure Brand-Safe Campaigns

The partnership will expand MobFox's capabilities in mobile and programmatic advertising and prevent ineffective ad spending


World-leading media company Matomy announced a new partnership today between MobFox and Pixalate, the leader in ad fraud protection and data intelligence. By subscribing to Pixilate’s IP/User Agent Blacklists, Matomy’s MobFox optimizes 3 billion daily mobile bid opportunities away from fraudulent traffic. This is the latest partnership in Matomy’s mobile initiative to resolve major pain points in programmatic advertising.

MobFox, a top-ten international mobile advertising platform, works with around 250 DSPs, premium networks and 40,000-plus registered publishers, as well as leading mobile advertising companies. Pixalate is the first and only data platform with a comprehensive suite of products, specifically built to bring transparency to programmatic advertising. Through their partnership with Pixalate, MobFox is able to measure fraud type and volume to optimize away from fraudulent traffic.

“MobFox is proud to be partnering with Pixalate, and we make it our priority to work with companies that have developed proven data-driven technologies and solutions that will help us provide advertisers better results, by optimizing away from fraudulent traffic,” said Kumaran Sambandam, VP MobFox Exchange. “Together with Pixalate, we will continue to expand our capabilities in mobile and programmatic advertising, by preventing ineffective ad spending.”

“Ad fraud is one of the biggest challenges facing digital advertising this century. Pixalate’s Security Dome and Data Intelligence Suite provides the most comprehensive technology solution to suppress fraudulent traffic from entering the ad supply chain,” said Jalal Nasir, CEO of Pixalate. “We are excited to see companies like MobFox taking a stand against mobile ad fraud with these industry-leading solutions.”

“By partnering with Pixalate and implementing their IAB-approved Fraud Protection feature, we’re able to instill confidence in our advertisers and DSPs so that they can run brand-safe campaigns on MobFox,” said Anwar El Bizanti, Technical Solutions Manager at MobFox.

MobFox has a proven track record of providing clients and media partners with access to innovative mobile programmatic advertising solutions, including demand and supply-side platforms (DSP and SSP) as well as serving as a single gateway for mobile, video and native ad inventory management via a real-time bidding (RTB) marketplace.


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