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15 June 2016

Optimatic Launches Industry Defining Algorithm-based Video SSP to Help Publishers Increase Their Yield

Next Generation Server Sees Significant Growth in Ever Competitive Marketplace

Optimatic, a global video technology platform connecting brands to engaged audiences, has announced the successful launch of their video SSP. Using industry defining Predictive Optimization (POP), Optimatic’s technology is able to reduce latency for publishers and increase their yield by looking deeper into data sets to identify trends across key metrics. The launch comes on the heels of Matomy’s larger mobile initiative aiming to resolve major pain points within the publishing industry.

“We’ve continuously heard the frustrations with latency from publishers and their decreasing revenue and we wanted to build a next generation video SSP that addressed those concerns” said Chris Pfluger, CEO of Optimatic. “Given the response, I think we hit the mark.”

Welcoming more than 100 publisher partners in the first half of 2016 alone, Optimatic is becoming the clear choice for publishers requiring a video advertising solution. Brands and advertisers have the confidence that with Optimatic’s transparent and third party verified supply, their advertising dollars will be aligned with the quality they deserve.

“We had tried many different video platforms and ad servers before, but nothing moved the needle for us until we started working with Optimatic. Beyond the technology, which has significantly increased our revenue, the support and team at Optimatic are tremendous. I can’t say enough about the integrated solution they have provided us and the dedication they have made to helping our business grow,” said Nick Palazzo, Co-Founder and CEO of Stack Media, a top online sports property.

Optimatic’s video SSP has the most robust set of tools for ad serving and yield optimization. Its key features include full ad serving for both mobile and desktop with the ability to host creative, full customer support and algorithm-based optimizations. The Optimatic technology leapfrogs the legacy video SSPs in the market that use either waterfall or sequential-based optimizations that continue to cause issues for publishers.

“Using Optimatic’s self-serve platform has helped us see an increase in performance across the board,” said Gil Becker, CEO of AnyClip, a leading provider of digital video ad solutions. “Furthermore, we have an excellent team in Optimatic that is always there to help us take our business to the next level in our quest to introduce a new era of digital video advertising.”

About Optimatic Media 
Optimatic Media is a global video technology platform with a focus on advanced yield management and latency reduction. Connecting brands to engaged audiences, Optimatic works with publishers to create additional revenue streams and maximize yield on their video advertising supply. Optimatic’s data driven approach and advanced analytics enable publishers to increase performance by mitigating the effect of latency. Through its comprehensive video SSP, Optimatic offers a programmatic, RTB demand platform with full supply management capabilities across multiple platforms including, desktop, mobile web, mobile in-app, CTV, and Facebook. The company was founded by Chris Pfluger, Anthony Mehale and Tom Yamada, and was acquired in November 2015 by Matomy Media Group, a world leading media company that delivers smart technology solutions and a personalized approach to advertising. Learn more about Optimatic Media at and Matomy Media Group at, or email us at

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